Hotel Les Cèdres

Hello, Bienvenue!

I’m Jen Knoch, lover of France and fragrance. My love of scent began while sitting on the lap of my Grandma Jeanne. Everything about her was feminine and classic with a graceful strength. Her smell was wrapped in these beautiful traits and it became her. Fragrance transports me, like travel. It’s a souvenir with a lasting memory. In October 2018, I traveled to the birthplace of fragrance, Grasse, in the South of France. My adventure, “From Grasse with Love” was sprinkled with a wish to find a scent souvenir in this revered land and share it with others. So off I went to explore the history, engage with locals, absorb, learn and possibly fulfill my wish. I did, and now have an exclusive line direct from Grasse to my home in Minneapolis/St Paul. My passion is to share my knowledge, the background and history of these special scents in an intimate setting. I believe fragrance, like wine, needs to be an engaging and educational experience to truly understand it’s rich and complex nature.